30 Things Long Distance Feels Like

Thought Catalog

After years of beating around the bush and not answering the question that everyone asks of me when I tell them about my boyfriend, I think it’s time to let the world know exactly what being in long distance relationship feels like.

1. Long distance feels like Taylor Swift writing a song about missing Harry Styles when he’s in London. “Come back, be here.”

2. Long distance feels like spending days trying to fill up your time, waiting until you see each other again.

3. Long distance feels like wanting to call, but not picking up the phone because you don’t know what to expect when he answers.

4. Long distance feels like answering the call, but stumbling over words as they travel over each mile separating you.

5. Long distance feels like a cold hand, a jealous eye, a nervous stomach.

6. Long distance feels like Christmas every time…

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