For the last year I’ve lived in a permanent hiatus. I always felt like I was expecting something greater than the moment I was living and wouldn’t allow myself to grow roots in the city I loved.

When I moved out of my sorority house, I said it would only be temporal, since I wanted to find an apartment of my own. (I didn’t).

When I passed more than six months in that place I found out I would study abroad for six months and all my savings had one destination: Paris. So I stopped spending money on myself and focused completely in my dream city. Which is great! But now, six months away from my arrival to Paris and with a plain ticket back to Mexico City in 20 days, I know it’s time for a change.

I’m ready to settle in! Not with a person, but with myself. I want to start buying things that actually mean I’m building a home little by little. I can always start small (furniture, mainly) and keep growing from there. I want a formal job, not some six hours bad payed shit, I want to do my thesis, help my parents, start my masters degree!

I’ve been so obsessed with Paris for the last 10 years of my life, I thought coming here was the ultimate goal. But now that I’ve achieved it and it’s time to move on, I’m so happy to know I keep having a to-do-list of dreams to catch! I have a good feeling about my return to Mexico and just as I was excited to the core to come to Paris, I’m excited to go back home and start a new chapter in my life.

A more permanent one.